Leaf & Snow Protection

Our Leaf protection is more than just keeping leaves and needles out of the gutter system. The products we supply also significantly increase the strength of the gutters to help stand up to the heavy snow loads we see a few times every year. On metal roofs it is essential to help keep the gutters from being pulled off when snow slides down the roof.

Our leaf protection stops leaves, debris, ice and snow from getting stuck in the gutters, We have also found they are the best solution for keeping needles out unlike expensive competitor products that just wick them into the gutters.

David's Gutter Service uses the Gutter Sentry leaf protection system which is the newest, strongest and best draining system on the market. This product is the heaviest gauge aluminum on the market today while keeping pricing competitive to the products we have used in the past.

We also still use the Alu-rex T-rex system. This product was our first choice for many years and is still a great product for us to offer. Alu-rex has proven itself over the years as a top notch leaf protection system boasting 250 lbs/ft weight carrying capacity!